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Analog Devices ADALM1000 Limitations

The following restrictions and limitations apply when programming the Analog Devices® ADALM1000. Some are restrictions of the hardware, some are restrictions imposed by Data Acquisition Toolbox™.

  • You cannot add channels from multiple ADALM1000 modules in the same DataAcquisition object. To recover from attempting this, you might need to execute daqreset.

  • You cannot simultaneously source and measure voltage on the same channel, nor simultaneously source and measure current on the same channel.

  • You cannot execute a single-scan operation that performs both source and measurement simultaneously.

  • You cannot use AC coupling, nor differential terminal configurations.

  • You cannot use triggers or digital pins.

  • You cannot measure current without generating an output voltage.

  • When specified output ranges are exceeded, the device might reset itself. Any measurements taken during this time might be unreliable until the reset is complete.

Not all data acquisition background operations are supported. Use foreground operation for full generation and acquisition functionality.