Generate test input signals for lsim


[u,t] = gensig(type,tau)
[u,t] = gensig(type,tau,Tf,Ts)


[u,t] = gensig(type,tau) generates a scalar signal u of class type and with period tau (in seconds). The following types of signals are available.


Sine wave.


Square wave.


Periodic pulse.

gensig returns a vector t of time samples and the vector u of signal values at these samples. All generated signals have unit amplitude.

[u,t] = gensig(type,tau,Tf,Ts) also specifies the time duration Tf of the signal and the spacing Ts between the time samples t.

You can feed the outputs u and t directly to lsim and simulate the response of a single-input linear system to the specified signal. Since t is uniquely determined by Tf and Ts, you can also generate inputs for multi-input systems by repeated calls to gensig.


Generate a square wave with period 5 seconds, duration 30 seconds, and sampling every 0.1 second.

[u,t] = gensig('square',5,30,0.1)

Plot the resulting signal.

axis([0 30 -1 2])

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Introduced before R2006a