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Deploy MATLAB® functions as microservice

You can deploy MATLAB functions as a microservice by packaging them into a Docker® container. The microservice Docker container provides an HTTP or HTTPS endpoint to the MATLAB function and accepts RESTful requests.

To deploy a MATLAB function as a microservice, you package a MATLAB function into a deployable archive, and then create a Docker image that contains the archive and a minimal MATLAB Runtime package. You can then run the microservice Docker image and make RESTful requests to the service using any programming language that has HTTP libraries, including MATLAB Production Server™ client APIs.

Functions an archive for deployment to MATLAB Production Server or Docker for building deployable archives
compiler.package.microserviceDockerImageCreate a microservice Docker image using files generated by MATLAB Compiler SDK
compiler.package.MicroserviceDockerImageOptionsCreate a microservice Docker options object build results object
compiler.runtime.createInstallerDockerImageCreate a MATLAB Runtime installer Docker image on offline machines