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Download waveform to radio and repeatedly transmit it over the air

Add-On Required: This feature requires the Communications Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio add-on.



transmitRepeat(tx,data) downloads the waveform signal, data, to the radio hardware associated by the transmitter System object™, tx, and transmits it repeatedly over the air. The waveform signal is downloaded into the radio hardware memory and transmitted over the air repeatedly, without gaps, until you release the transmitter by calling release(tx).


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Generate a waveform signal.

 fs = 2e6;
 sw = dsp.SineWave;
 sw.Amplitude = 0.5;
 sw.Frequency = 100e3;
 sw.ComplexOutput = true;
 sw.SampleRate = fs;
 sw.SamplesPerFrame = 5000;
 txWaveform = sw();  

Download the waveform signal to the radio and transmit it repeatedly transmit over the air.

 tx = sdrtx('Pluto');
 tx.CenterFrequency = 2.415e9;
 tx.BasebandSampleRate = fs;
 tx.Gain = -5;

Stop repeated transmission by releasing the transmitter.


Input Arguments

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Transmitter System object, specified as a comm.SDRTxPluto object. To create this object, use the sdrtx function.

Signal to transmit, specified as a column vector containing up to 16777216 complex samples.

These data types are valid for transmitted data:

  • double — Double-precision floating point with values scaled to the range of [–1,1].

  • single — Single-precision floating point with values scaled to the range of [–1,1].

  • int16 — 16-bit signed integers. The range of values is [-32768,32767], but the data transmitted by the ADALM-PLUTO radio loses the four LSBs of precision.


The AD936X RF chip has a 12-bit DAC. Only the 12 most significant bits of the transmitted data are used. Values of magnitude less than 0.0625 are lost.


PlutoSDR supports transmission on a single channel only. When you use transmitRepeat in single channel mode, the number of samples must be even.

Data Types: int16 | single | double
Complex Number Support: Yes

Version History

Introduced in R2017b