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Link AUTOSAR Components to Simulink Requirements

If you have Simulink® Requirements™ software, you can link components in an AUTOSAR architecture model to Simulink requirements. By linking model elements that implement requirements to the associated requirements, you can track implementation of the requirements. If a requirement or an implementation changes, you can make adjustments to keep them in sync.

To link a component to a requirement:

  1. Open an architecture model, such as example model autosar_tpc_composition. (To open the model in a local working folder, use openExample('autosar_tpc_composition').)

  2. In the Apps tab, click Requirements Manager. In the model window, the Requirements tab opens, with the Requirements Browser docked at the bottom.

  3. Create or open a requirements set. If you opened example model autosar_tpc_composition, you can use the example requirements file TPC_Requirements.slreqx, which is on the default MATLAB® search path. If you need to copy the requirements file to your working folder, enter this MATLAB command:


    In the Requirements Browser, open the requirements file. The requirements set contains requirements for four components in the model.

  4. To link a requirement to an AUTOSAR component, drag the requirement from the Requirements Browser to the component block. For example, drag requirement 4 to the Actuator component block.

For more information, see Link Blocks and Requirements (Simulink Requirements) and Author Requirements in Simulink (Simulink Requirements).

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