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Configure AUTOSAR Constant Memory

You can model AUTOSAR constant memory for AUTOSAR applications. To model AUTOSAR constant memory, import constant memory definitions from ARXML files or create constant memory content in Simulink®. For information about the high-level constant memory workflow, see Static and Constant Memory.

AUTOSAR constant memory (ConstantMemory) corresponds to Simulink internal global parameters. In the AUTOSAR run-time environment, calibration tools can access ConstantMemory blocks for calibration and measurement.

To model AUTOSAR constant memory, you can use Simulink model workspace parameters in your model. To generate ConstantMemory blocks for model workspace parameter data in your AUTOSAR model, open the Code Mappings editor. Use the Parameters tab to map parameters to ConstantMemory. For example:

  1. Open an AUTOSAR model that contains model workspace parameters for which you want to generate ConstantMemory blocks. This example uses model autosar_swc_counter.

  2. In the AUTOSAR Code perspective, open the Code Mappings editor and select the Parameters tab. In the list of available parameters, select INC. In the Mapped To drop-down list, select ConstantMemory. To view and modify AUTOSAR attributes for the constant memory, click the Icon to configure additional code mappings properties icon. For more information about parameter code and calibration attributes, see Map Model Workspace Parameters to AUTOSAR Component Parameters.

When you generate code:

  • Exported ARXML files contain CONSTANT-MEMORYS descriptions for parameters that you configured as ConstantMemory.

  • Generated C code declares and references the constant memory parameters.

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