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Energy Storage

Batteries, starters, and alternators

Use the energy storage blocks to assemble automotive electrical systems for battery sizing and performance studies.


Battery.MetaDataDefine battery metadata
Battery.ParametersDefine battery equivalent circuit parameters
Battery.PulseSequenceDefine a single pulse sequence
Battery.PulseDefine a single pulse event


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Datasheet BatteryLithium-ion, lithium-polymer, or lead-acid battery
Estimation Equivalent Circuit BatteryResistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery that creates lookup tables
Equivalent Circuit BatteryResistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery
Bidirectional DC-DCDC-to-DC converter that supports bidirectional boost and buck
Reduced Lundell AlternatorReduced Lundell (claw-pole) alternator with an external voltage regulator
StarterStarter as a DC motor
Power Accounting Bus CreatorCreate power information bus