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Open 'EBU Mode' meter display



visualize(loudMtr) opens an 'EBU Mode' loudness meter display. The values of momentary loudness, short-term loudness, integrated loudness, loudness range, and true-peak are updated as the simulation progresses. The display also shows the maximum value of momentary and short-term loudness, and the time since the last call to reset.

hvsz = visualize(loudMtr) returns a handle to the display.


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Create a loudnessMeter System object™, and then call visualize to open an 'EBU Mode' loudness meter display.

loudMtr = loudnessMeter;

Create an audio file reader System object and specify the audio file to analyze. Create an audio device writer System object to play the audio to your output device.

fileReader = dsp.AudioFileReader('RockDrums-48-stereo-11secs.mp3');
deviceWriter = audioDeviceWriter('SampleRate',fileReader.SampleRate);

In an audio stream loop, read the audio from the file and play it to your device. The loudness meter visualization updates at each call.

while ~isDone(fileReader)
    audioIn = fileReader();

Input Arguments

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Object of the loudnessMeter System object™.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b