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The Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model™ (TIREM™) is a propagation model for computing the path loss for irregular terrain and seawater scenarios. TIREM is developed, trademarked, and licensed by Huntington Ingalls Industries. To use TIREM, you need to acquire it from Huntington Ingalls Industries.

TIREM is designed to calculate the reference basic median propagation loss (path loss) based on the terrain profile along the great circle path between two antennas, for example, using digital terrain elevation data (DTED). You can use TIREM model to calculate the point-to-point path loss between sites over irregular terrain. The model combines physics with empirical data to provide path loss estimates. The TIREM propagation model can predict path loss at frequencies between 1 MHz and 1 THz.

Use tiremSetup to enable TIREM access from within MATLAB®. The TIREM library folder contains the tirem3 shared library. The full library name is platform-dependent:

PlatformShared Library Name
Windowslibtirem3.dll or tirem3.dll

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