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Export tunable property values of AI-based antenna to equivalent catalog element

Since R2023b



ant = exportAntenna(aiant) converts an AI-based antenna to its equivalent regular antenna from the Antenna Catalog. You thus export the tunable property values of the AI-based antenna into its equivalent property values of the regular antenna from the antenna catalog.


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This example shows how to convert an AI-based elliptical microstrip patch antenna to a regular patchMicrostripElliptical catalog element for performing full-wave EM solver simulation.

Create AI-based Elliptical Microstrip Patch

Create an AI-based elliptical microstrip patch at 5.45GHz. Set its major axis length to 0.03m, minor axis length to 0.02925m, and height to 0.00275m.

pAI = design(patchMicrostripElliptical,5.45e9,ForAI=true)
pAI = 
  AIAntenna with properties:

   Antenna Info
               AntennaType: 'patchMicrostripElliptical'
    InitialDesignFrequency: 5.4500e+09

   Tunable Parameters
                 MajorAxis: 0.0303
                 MinorAxis: 0.0263
                    Height: 0.0024

Use 'showReadOnlyProperties(pAI)' to show read-only properties

pAI.MajorAxis = 0.03;
pAI.MinorAxis = 0.02925;
pAI.Height = 0.00275;

Calculate the resonant frequency of the modified antenna.

ans = 5.5113e+09

Convert AI-based Antenna to Regular Catalog Element

Use the exportAntenna function to convert the AI-based antenna to a regular catalog element for performing full-wave EM solver simulation on the design.

p = exportAntenna(pAI)
p = 
  patchMicrostripElliptical with properties:

            MajorAxis: 0.0300
            MinorAxis: 0.0293
               Height: 0.0027
            Substrate: [1x1 dielectric]
    GroundPlaneLength: 0.0578
     GroundPlaneWidth: 0.0578
    PatchCenterOffset: [0 0]
           FeedOffset: [0.0103 0.0044]
            Conductor: [1x1 metal]
                 Tilt: 0
             TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                 Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

Input Arguments

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AI-based antenna, specified as an AIAntenna object created using the design function.

Example: design(patchMicrostripElliptical,5.45e9,ForAI=true)

Output Arguments

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Equivalent antenna from the antenna catalog, returned as an antenna object.

Example: patchMicrostripElliptical

Version History

Introduced in R2023b