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Downlink Physical Signals

5G NR primary and secondary synchronization signals (PSS and SSS) and reference signals (DM-RS for PBCH and PDSCH, PT-RS for PDSCH, CSI-RS, and PRS)

Primary and secondary downlink synchronization signals are used by the user equipment (UE) to obtain the cell identity and frame timing. The UE uses the demodulation reference signal (DM-RS) and the channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS) to aid channel estimation and to support measurements. For phase noise compensation, the UE uses the PDSCH phase tracking reference signal (PT-RS). Positioning reference signal (PRS) is used to estimate the position of the UE in the wireless network.


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nrPSSGenerate PSS symbols
nrPSSIndicesGenerate PSS resource element indices
nrSSSGenerate SSS symbols
nrSSSIndicesGenerate SSS resource element indices
nrPDSCHDMRSGenerate PDSCH DM-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH DM-RS indices (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHDMRSConfigPDSCH DM-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPBCHDMRSGenerate PBCH DM-RS symbols
nrPBCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PBCH DM-RS resource element indices
nrCSIRSGenerate CSI-RS symbols (Since R2019b)
nrCSIRSIndicesGenerate CSI-RS resource element indices (Since R2019b)
nrCSIRSConfigCSI-RS configuration parameters (Since R2019b)
nrPDSCHPTRSGenerate PDSCH PT-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPTRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH PT-RS Indices (Since R2020a)
nrPDSCHPTRSConfigPDSCH PT-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPRSConfigPRS configuration parameters (Since R2021a)
nrPRSGenerate PRS symbols (Since R2021a)
nrPRSIndicesGenerate PRS resource element indices (Since R2021a)
nrCarrierConfigCarrier configuration parameters (Since R2019b)
nrResourceGridGenerate empty carrier slot resource grid (Since R2020b)