Customer Story: Danfoss

Danfoss Accelerates Digital Transformation with MathWorks and Model-Based Design

Video length is 4:20


Danfoss is partnering with MathWorks to increase its investment in digital engineering. The company uses Model-Based Design to manage system complexity, improve collaboration, and produce optimized systems.

Learn about the successful outcome of this partnership from Danfoss executives Michael Laursen, director of digital products, and Wladimir Schamai, head of digital engineering enablers.

This video includes a discussion of:

  • How and why Danfoss reduces the need for physical prototypes by maintaining a single codebase for product deployment and simulation 
  • How Danfoss is collaborating with MathWorks for training and support, adopting a community-based approach, and sharing best practices
  • Why Danfoss executives believe the company holds a competitive advantage and is now better equipped to collaborate and engage with their customers
  • How Danfoss has overcome managerial and leadership issues to deploy new technology into its development process

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“Our mission is to step up the way we use modeling and simulation for digital engineering — it enables us to develop faster and add value to our customers.”

Wladimir Schamai, Danfoss