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For designing and tuning a digital controller for a power converter, which approach will provide the most options?

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What is the best way to analyze the switching effects of a power electronics system and tune the cascaded controllers so that the system will operate stably across varying operating conditions?

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What is the benefit of using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to test controllers in a power electronics system?

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After modeling and tuning your controller, what is NOT a best practice to verify the dynamic performance of a feedback-controlled power electronics converter?

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To verify a power converter’s ability to mitigate a fault, which is NOT a recommended practice?

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Which of the following is an efficient method to understand how a power converter affects the overall performance of a large electrical system (e.g., microgrid, conventional or renewable energy source, fuel cell, or battery storage system)?

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Which kind of simulation is suitable for validating code generated from control algorithms?

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True or False? The best way to implement changes to your controller code during rapid control prototyping (RCP) is to validate changes to the control algorithm in the desktop simulation model and re-generate code.

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What technique is responsible for generating pulse width modulated (PWM) signals to control the switches of an inverter, which then produces the required modulated voltage to drive the motor at the desired speed or torque?

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Why should you generate C and HDL code from the control algorithms in your simulation model?

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