"Introduction to MATLAB" Curriculum Materials

MathWorks and McGraw-Hill have developed a complete set of lecture slides, MATLAB code, and Simulink models to accompany William Palm's Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers text.

Additional Resources

Lecture Slides, MATLAB Code, and Simulink Models Available

This downloadable package includes:

  • 11 sets of lectures slides (one for each chapter of the book) including project suggestions
  • More than 40 MATLAB programs that correspond to exercises and chapter problems from the book
  • 10 Simulink model files illustrating examples from the book (e.g., a model of a relay-controlled motor, nonlinear pendulum dynamics, a hydraulic system, nonlinear vehicle suspension)

Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3rd Edition

By William J. Palm III, University of Rhode Island

Written for use in a first-year introductory MATLAB course, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB, drawing from numerous engineering problems. The book introduces MATLAB programming, problem-solving methodology, Simulink, and Symbolic Math Toolbox, and is based on the author’s experience teaching an introductory MATLAB course.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. An Overview of MATLAB
  • Chapter 2. Numeric, Cell, and Structure Arrays
  • Chapter 3. Functions and Files
  • Chapter 4. Decision-Making Programs
  • Chapter 5. Advanced Plotting
  • Chapter 6. Model Building and Regression
  • Chapter 7. Linear Algebraic Equations
  • Chapter 8. Probability, Statistics, and Interpolation
  • Chapter 9. Numerical Methods for Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Chapter 10. Simulink
  • Chapter 11. MuPAD
  • Appendix A. Guide to Commands and Functions In This Text
  • Appendix B. Animation and Sound in MATLAB
  • Appendix C. Formatted Output in MATLAB