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Proper Generalized Decompositions: An Introduction to Computer Implementation with MATLAB

Proper Generalized Decompositions is a method for numerical simulation in many fields of applied science and engineering. As a generalization of proper orthogonal decomposition or principal component analysis to an arbitrary number of dimensions, PGD is able to provide the analyst with very accurate solutions for problems defined in high-dimensional spaces, parametric problems, and even real-time simulation.

This book is intended to help researchers overcome the entrance barrier to proper generalized decomposition by providing a valuable tool to begin the programming task. Examples include parametric problems, non-linear model order reduction, and real-time simulation, among others. Detailed MATLAB codes are included for each chapter in the book, as well as for download.

About This Book

Elías Cueto, University of Zaragoza
David González, University of Zaragoza
Icíar Alfaro, University of Zaragoza

Springer International Publishing, 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-29994-5
Language: English

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