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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 7th edition

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 7th edition features the latest updates and advances in the electrical engineering field. This edition includes 121 "Design a Problem" exercises and also features 2,481 examples, practice problems, review questions, and end-of-chapter homework problems. The text is divided into three parts: DC Circuits, AC Circuits, and Advanced Techniques for Network Analysis.

Topics discussed in the chapters include:

  • Fundamental laws and theorems
  • Circuits techniques
  • Passive and active elements
  • Phasors
  • Sinusoidal steady-state analysis
  • AC power, RMS values
  • Three-phase systems
  • Frequency response
  • Laplace transform
  • Fourier series and Fourier transform
  • Two-port network analysis

MATLAB is introduced in an appendix and is used to solve numerous examples.

About This Book

Charles K. Alexander, Cleveland State University
Matthew N.O. Sadiku, Prairie View A&M University

McGraw-Hill, 2021

ISBN: 9781260226409
Language: English

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