Video and Webinar Series

Modeling an Infusion Pump

Get an overview of the structure of an infusion pump, then dive deeper into the subsystems that make up the pump, like user interface subsystems, control/logical subsystems, and the physical plant model. See how you can perform integration and testing of the infusion pump and generate reports for regulatory compliance.

Introduction and Overview Learn how you can model an infusion pump using Model-Based Design. Discover the basic building blocks within Simulink that you can use for simulating the infusion pump, and investigate what-if scenarios such as occlusion detection.

Designing the Subsystems Learn in detail about the three subsystems of the infusion pump: the command generation module, the control/logical subsystem, and the plant subsystem.

Integration and Testing Learn about the ways to test the infusion pump design and the capabilities that allow you to perform component testing of the model, review static analysis, perform equivalence testing, and check the automatically generated code.