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MATLAB Fundamentals or equivalent experience using MATLAB. Basic knowledge of image processing concepts is strongly recommended.

Image Processing with MATLAB

This two-day course provides hands-on experience with performing image analysis. Examples and exercises demonstrate the use of appropriate MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox functionality throughout the analysis process.
Topics include:

  • Importing and exporting images
  • Analyzing images interactively
  • Removing noise
  • Aligning images and creating a panoramic scene
  • Detecting edges, lines, and circles in an image
  • Segmenting objects based on their color and texture
  • Modifying objects' shape using morphological operations
  • Measuring shape properties
  • Performing batch analysis over sets of images

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Course Schedule

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08 okt 2019-
09 okt 2019
Germany, München (Ismaning) German EUR 1.400
28 okt 2019-
29 okt 2019
United Kingdom, Cambridge English GBP 1.200
07 nov 2019-
08 nov 2019
Japan, 名古屋市 Japanese JPY 140.000
11 nov 2019-
12 nov 2019
US, Texas, Austin English USD 1.500
02 dec 2019-
03 dec 2019
US, Massachusetts, Natick English USD 1.500
09 dec 2019-
10 dec 2019
US, California, San Jose English USD 1.500
12 dec 2019-
13 dec 2019
China, 北京 Chinese CNY 6.000
Results 1 - 7 of 7

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