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MATLAB Fundamentals and basic knowledge of digital signal processing.

Signal Processing with Simulink

This three-day course, targeted toward new users of Simulink®, uses basic modeling techniques and tools to demonstrate how to develop Simulink block diagrams for signal processing applications. Topics include:

  • What is Simulink?
  • Using the Simulink interface
  • Modeling single-channel and multi-channel discrete dynamic systems
  • Implementing sample-based and frame-based processing
  • Modeling mixed-signal (hybrid) systems
  • Developing custom blocks and libraries
  • Modeling condition-based systems
  • Performing spectral analysis with Simulink
  • Integrating filter designs into Simulink
  • Modeling multirate systems
  • Incorporating external code
  • Automating modeling tasks

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Course Schedule

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30 sep 2019-
02 okt 2019
France, Paris (Meudon) French EUR 1.800
14 okt 2019-
16 okt 2019
Germany, München (Ismaning) German EUR 1.800
30 okt 2019-
01 nov 2019
Japan, 東京都 Japanese JPY 180.000
Results 1 - 3 of 3

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