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Background in powertrain calibration required; basic knowledge of MATLAB recommended.

Model Based Calibration

This hands-on, two-day course focuses on tools and techniques for using Design of Experiments, statistical modeling, and optimization to calibrate modern powertrain systems in MATLAB® and Simulink®. The course is designed for engineers who intend to calibrate and test engines, develop control algorithms, and simulate powertrain behavior. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to produce a set of optimal base calibration tables for a typical modern gasoline or diesel engine. Two subject variants, based on gasoline or diesel materials, are available. Topics include:

Working with Design of Experiments
Setting up test plans
-Designing for constraints
-Applying classical, space-filling, and optimal methods

Data loading and handling
Loading, visualizing, filtering, and augmenting measured data

Response surface modeling
Creating one-stage and two-stage response-surface models using radial basis functions, polynomials, splines, and neural nets

Calibration generation
Setting up optimization problems
-Reviewing, executing, filling, and exporting tables
-Applying application-specific, multiobjective, and drive-cycle optimization

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