Code Generation for Classic AUTOSAR Software Components

This two-day course discusses Classic AUTOSAR-compliant modeling and code generation using AUTOSAR Blockset. Workflows for top-down and bottom-up software development approaches are discussed in the context of Model-Based Design. This course is intended for automotive industry software developers and systems engineers who use Embedded Coder for automatic C/C++ code generation. Topics include:

  • Generating Simulink models from existing ARXML system descriptions
  • Configuring Simulink models for AUTOSAR compliant code generation
  • Configuring AUTOSAR communication elements in a Simulink model
  • Modeling AUTOSAR events in Simulink
  • Creating calibration parameters
  • Modeling AUTOSAR variation points within software components
  • Importing and exporting AUTOSAR compositions and software architectures
  • Modeling calls to basic software services

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MATLAB and Simulink Course Schedule

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