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Linear Optimal Control: H2 and H-infinity Methods

Linear Optimal Control: H2 and H-infinity Methods

This book has been written to provide students and professionals with access to relatively recent research results on robustness analysis, H-infinity optimal control, and mu-synthesis. In addition, this material is integrated with linear quadratic Gaussian optimal control results. The overall treatment is organized in a logical manner rather than along the lines of historical development. Prequisites for the book include an introduction to control systems (classic control) , probability, state-space linear systems, and a working knowledge of linear algebra. This book consists of three parts. The first part covers the analysis of control systems. It contains a review of multivariable linear systems, an introduction to vector random processes, control system performance analysis, and robustness analysis. The second part is devoted to H 2 optimal control, and the third part is devoted to H-infinity control.

The author has developed a set of MATLAB files (these files require MATLAB, Control System Toolbox, Mu-Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox).

About This Book

Jeffrey B. Burl

Pearson Education Inc, 1999

ISBN: 9780201808681
Language: English

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