Rapid Prototyping for Signal Processing and Imaging Systems

Rapid prototyping allows you to you quickly create a working implementation of your signal processing or image processing design and verify your proof of concept on hardware early in the design process.

Use Prototypes to Verify System Designs Early

By connecting your MATLAB® algorithms and Simulink models to off-the-shelf DSP and FPGA boards, you can test, optimize, and verify algorithm designs on hardware before starting the production implementation stages. Early verification through rapid prototyping can drastically reduce development time.

Prototype and Test on Embedded Processors

You start by modeling your algorithms and systems in MATLAB and Simulink. From your models, you can automatically generate algorithmic C code along with processor-specific real-time scheduling code and peripheral drivers, and run them as standalone executables on embedded processors in real time. Test and verify the code generated from models on different processor families through supported IDE tool chains.

Prototype and Test FPGA Designs

Generate synthesizable and vendor-neutral HDL code from your MATLAB and Simulink models and use cosimulation with popular HDL simulators to verify that the HDL is functionally correct. This approach reduces verification time and costs by enabling you to:

  • Explore design tradeoffs and perform iterations in minutes rather than weeks
  • Ensure your HDL design is functionally correct before implementing it on hardware