MATLAB and Simulink for Power and Utilities

Engineers choose MATLAB® and Simulink® for power and utility equipment system development, monitoring, and maintenance.

With MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Design equipment and develop control system and energy forecasting algorithms
  • Perform grid integration and power system studies using prebuilt functions and apps
  • Deploy developed code directly to real-time and embedded systems
  • Deploy to cloud and IoT systems that support grid modernization and digital transformation initiatives 

“My team’s expertise is in energy modeling or algorithm development, not in deploying software into production. MATLAB saved us months of development time on the models and algorithms, and then made it easy to deploy them as part of a stable, reliable web application without recoding.”

Yunjiao Gu, Shanghai Electric

Power System Equipment Design

Use toolboxes and apps to develop physical models of equipment and design and test control algorithms. Explore design trade-offs through simulation and apply design optimization across multiple operating scenarios. Automatically generate production-ready code and deploy it to embedded processors.

Read how Alstom Grid developed HVDC systems using Model-Based Design.

Energy Forecasting

Gather historical data from multiple sources and develop production-ready forecast models using machine learning. Deploy your forecast models to enterprise and cloud systems, and connect to regional wholesale electricity markets, meteorological data, and other data streaming services.

Watch how Merrill Lynch (24:38) used MATLAB to model European power supply and demand.

Microgrid and Energy Management System Development

Develop simulation models of microgrid systems and other physical assets. Explore system operation by running simulation scenarios in parallel with just a few code changes. Develop supervisory control and energy management systems in Simulink and Stateflow. Automatically generate production-ready code for deployment to PLCs and other industrial control hardware, or deploy it to the cloud using MATLAB Production Server™.

Read how Shanghai Electric used MATLAB to design and deploy distributed energy management systems.

Watch a video series on microgrid system development and analysis.

Renewable Grid Integration

Evaluate the performance of a system that has a high penetration of renewables with Simscape Electrical™. Run multiple operational scenarios in parallel and assess simulated response against grid code. Replay measured data, such as synchrophasor data or NREL TMY3 data, through simulation models and change the fidelity of simulation models to evaluate scenarios for timescales ranging from milliseconds to years.

Watch a webinar on renewable grid integration studies (45:05) with Simscape Electrical.

Real-Time Power System Simulation

Develop power system simulation models on your desktop and then deploy them to Speedgoat hardware using Simulink Real-Time™. Perform HIL testing of control systems ranging from power converter PWM control to supervisory control. Manage your real-time simulation in the desktop environment and analyze your  results in MATLAB.

Read how SuperGrid Institute uses Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat to design and test power converter control systems.

Power Plant Model Validation

Replay synchronized measurement data from multiple grid events or use baseline test measurements to compare simulated responses with real responses. You can also both automatically and manually adjust system parameters to match your simulated responses with real-world responses. Validate individual components or the full plant and record the validation process through automatic report generation. 

Watch a video series on power plant model validation using MATLAB and Simulink.