Scaling up MATLAB and Simulink Applications with Clusters and Clouds

Using MathWorks parallel computing tools, you can accelerate computationally intensive MATLAB programs and Simulink models by running them in large scale high-performance computing resources such as computer clusters and cloud computing services (e.g. Amazon EC2).

You use Parallel Computing Toolbox to enable your MATLAB application to take advantage of desktop resources (multicore processors and GPUs) with only minor modifications to your code. To solve larger problems, you scale up using MATLAB Parallel Server running in a high-performance computing environment.

Choose Compute Resource and Licensing Option to Match Computing Needs

MathWorks parallel computing products help you harness a variety of high-performance computing resources for your computing requirements. You can use dedicated computing resources available through your organization’s cluster. Alternatively, using Amazon EC2 or other cloud services, you can get virtually instant access to the latest high-performance computers with minimum upfront and maintenance costs.

MATLAB Parallel Server provides several licensing options whether you perform computations on your organization’s computer cluster or on your cloud: perpetual and annual licensing options, as well as on-demand (hourly) licensing, are available.