Computer Electronics

Computers are everywhere and in everything. Today's high-performance computing platforms require design tools that start at the algorithm level and provide capability all the way through design implementation. Computer systems engineers rely on MATLAB and Simulink to model many types of computer subsystems including:

  • Network and attached storage
  • Computer components and peripherals
  • Advanced office equipment

Storage Solutions

Tomorrow's data storage solutions need to be more reliable and efficient to keep up with the increasing amount of big data. Makers of disk drives for commercial applications or network attached storage (NAS) for enterprise server applications use MATLAB and Simulink tools to model hardware and analyze system performance.

Computer Components and Peripherals

Engineers use MATLAB and Simulink tools to accelerate the design of embedded systems, audio and video cards, host bus adapters (HBAs), as well as computer peripherals. The ability to write algorithms that can be implemented in both C/C++ or HDL languages gives computer systems engineers flexibility in the design and implementation of next generation computing systems.

Office Equipment

Today's office equipment requires the latest design techniques for embedded systems, image processing, and rapid hardware prototyping. Much of this is based on ASIC and FPGA solutions. As a provider of hardware and software codesign tools, MathWorks provides office equipment manufacturers a range of solutions for the next generation of designs.