Customer Success Stories

Centers for Disease Control

MathWorks consultants worked with the CDC to automate a manual workflow, accelerating a process that used to take days into a task of an hour.


Working with MathWorks consultants, Commerzbank integrated their Market Data Distribution Service within a heterogeneous IT environment that included Windows clients, a Linux server, and Commerzbank database servers.

Daimler Designs Cruise Controller for Mercedes-Benz Trucks

MathWorks consultants helped Daimler develop modeling guidelines and architecture so that their algorithms automatically generate optimized C code requiring about 16% less RAM than handwritten code.


“The MathWorks consultants have complete mastery over MATLAB and Simulink products, which enabled us to develop and optimize the simulator interface using best practices that improved productivity and maintainability.” - Jérôme Vouillat, Simulation Engineer, DCNS


“When we asked MathWorks Consulting for assistance with BigQuery integration, we got real action from a real person really quickly. That support turned MATLAB from powerful into irreplaceable for us.” — Eytan Buchman, Freightos


“By partnering with MathWorks Consulting Services, we developed a robust platform for supervisory control with MATLAB and transitioned our pilot plant to a modern automation control system. This enabled our researchers to rapidly take algorithms from idea to implementation, simulation, and deployment.” — Dr. Ryan Hamilton, Genentech

GM Engineering Europe

Working with MathWorks consultants, GM Engineering Europe developed a model framework for the entire HVAC controller in Simulink, and then integrated existing components coded in C.


Working with MathWorks Consulting Services, Haldex used Simulink and Simscape Multibody to develop a library of vehicle modeling blocks for simulating the acceleration, braking, and cornering dynamics of single units and articulated heavy vehicles. With this workflow, Haldex reduced development time by 50%.



MathWorks consultants helped IAV develop embedded targets for deploying their algorithm concepts to specific target microprocessors, which saved IAV from hand coding and customizing the code for each microprocessor.


“On the first project that we worked on with MathWorks Consulting Services, we cut development time in half by generating HDL for our core IVUS algorithms. More importantly the Consultants taught us how we could accelerate FPGA implementation on future projects ourselves by using Simulink and HDL Coder.”—Dr. Zhihua He, principal imaging scientist, Infraredx

Intuitive Analytics

MathWorks Consulting Services helped Intuitive Analytics use Econometrics Toolbox to implement a method for calibrating the interest rate models using historical data.

Jaguar Land Rover

MathWorks Consulting Services worked with engineers from across the business, coaching them on best practices in MATLAB application development. With this knowledge, the engineers doing the work can now build tools themselves.


Working with MathWorks consultants to review the existing system design and create a road map, Leonardo used Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink to develop the Osprey radar system navigation software in compliance with DO-178C safety guidelines.

Lotus Engineering

MathWorks Consulting Services provided Lotus Engineering onsite assistance to jumpstart development of control systems software that enables diesel engines to run cleaner and meet EPA standards.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

“With interactive analysis tools built with MATLAB and help from MathWorks Consultants, our biologists can complete sample analysis that formerly took 12 hours in just 2.5 hours. Now, we can evaluate the effects of multiple drugs and compare them at the same time.” — Ryuta Saito, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

Mondi Gronau GmbH

“MathWorks Consulting’s support is among the best I’ve seen; the consultants are fast and exceptionally knowledgeable. We’ve already seen a positive return on investment from cost savings, and now we have more budget and time to complete more machine learning projects that will provide similar benefits.” — Herr Dr. Michael Kohlert, Mondi Gronau GmbH

Museum of Science, Boston

“The MathWorks teams were both enthusiastic and responsive. They created MATLAB applications that provide a modern, interactive interface to cutting-edge research, as well as a mechanism to easily gather, interpret, and present the results of experiments in a way that engages and informs our visitors.” — Dr. Elizabeth Kong, Museum of Science, Boston

NASA & TriVector

TriVector worked with MathWorks Consulting Services to implement best practices for large-scale modeling and to build a library of parameterized, reusable components that made models easier to modify, as well as made simulation times shorter.

Research Triangle Institute

MathWorks Consulting Services helped RTI and the University of Pennsylvania parallelize models to execute simulations on their computer cluster enabling epidemic simulations to run 250 times faster than before.



“MathWorks consultants interacted with us at a strategic level, documenting our business objectives and using their technical expertise to translate our requirements into system functionality.” — Dr. Norbert Tönder, RWE

SAIC Motor Corp

Working with MathWorks consultants, SAIC Motor software integration engineers transitioned their hybrid control unit design from a prototyping environment to a production environment.

Samsung UK

MathWorks consultants helped Samsung UK migrate their existing algorithms to Simulink and meet development project deadlines.

Weichai Power

MathWorks Consultants helped Weichai Power reduce the learning curve associated with adopting new tools and build in-house competency around ECU software development.