Help Shape Polyspace Products: Participate in a User Experience Session

The Polyspace Development Team Follows a Customer-Centered Design Approach

The Polyspace® development team considers the full customer experience, from the first interaction through the deployment of Polyspace products in your environment. The information we gain from you from these interactions drives our feature map and design.

Help Shape Polyspace and Become Part of the Story

Consider participating in a user experience session. We have several options:

Usability Sessions
During a usability session, you might work with the software as you normally would, or we might provide you with specific tasks to explore a set of features. Through observation and conversation with you, we learn where Polyspace works well to support your goals and where changes or enhancements might help. These sessions can be conducted remotely at almost any time that is convenient for you.

Contextual Observation Sessions
In a contextual observation session, we observe as you work on your own Polyspace project. This can be during a site visit or remotely. This allows us to understand the full context of how Polyspace fits into your environment.