R2019b at a Glance


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Release Highlights

Use automatic differentiation, shared weights, and custom training loops to build advanced deep learning architectures, like GANs and Siamese networks.

Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Stateflow models through an interactive tutorial.

Author AUTOSAR compositions and simulate with basic software services; test automated driving algorithms in 3D simulation; and leverage the deep learning engine model and P0-P4 HEV models for control algorithm testing and system simulation.

ROS Toolbox: Design, simulate, and deploy ROS-based applications

Navigation Toolbox: Design, simulate, and deploy algorithms for planning and navigation

Robotics System Toolbox: Design, simulate, and test robotics applications

Interactively explore parameters and preprocess data. Generate MATLAB code that becomes part of your live script.

Access and discover Simulink capabilities with the new Simulink toolstrip.


Updates by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Live Editor Tasks
    • Add tasks to live scripts to explore parameters and automatically generate code
    • Use tasks to interactively preprocess data and automatically generate MATLAB code
  • Chart Container Class: Develop custom charts that behave like built-in MATLAB graphics
  • uitable and uistyle Functions: Sort tables interactively and create styles for rows, columns, or cells in a table UI component
  • uihtml Function: Add HTML, JavaScript, or CSS content to apps
  • Function input arguments: Declare function input arguments to simplify input error checking
  • Hexadecimal and Binary Numbers: Specify numbers using hexadecimal and binary literals
  • Python interface: Execute Python functions out-of-process to avoid library conflicts between MATLAB and Python

Optimization Toolbox

  • Code Generation: Generate C/C++ code to solve nonlinear constrained optimization problems with fmincon (requires MATLAB Coder)

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Machine Learner Apps: Optimize hyperparameters in Classification Learner and Regression Learner, and specify misclassification costs in Classification Learner
  • Code Generation: Update a deployed decision tree or linear model without re-generating code, and generate C/C++ code for probability distribution functions (requires MATLAB Coder)
  • Code Generation: Generate fixed-point C/C++ code for the prediction of an SVM model (requires MATLAB Coder and Fixed-Point Designer)

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • Sentiment Analysis: Evaluate sentiment in text data using sentiment scoring algorithms including VADER
  • Deep Learning: Initialize word embedding layers with pretrained word embeddings

Control System Toolbox

  • Live Editor Tasks: Perform model transformation and control design tasks interactively and generate MATLAB code in a live script

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Training Flexibility: Train advanced network architectures using custom training loops, automatic differentiation, shared weights, and custom loss functions
  • Deep Learning Networks: Build generative adversarial networks (GANs), Siamese networks, variational autoencoders, and attention networks
  • Multi-Input, Multi-Output Networks: Train networks with multiple inputs and multiple outputs
  • ONNX Support: Export networks that combine CNN and LSTM layers and networks that include 3-D CNN layers to ONNX format

Signal Processing

Audio Toolbox

Phased Array System Toolbox

  • Bicyclist Radar Backscatter Model: Simulate backscattered radar signals from a bicycle and rider

Simulink Product Family


  • Simulink Toolstrip: Access and discover Simulink capabilities when you need them
  • Subsystem Reference: Componentize your models by converting any subsystem into a subsystem reference to save it in a standalone file and promote its reuse
  • Blockset Designer: Create, test, document and publish an entire blockset within one interface
  • Messages: Model and generate C++ code for software compositions with message-based communication


  • Stateflow Onramp: Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate State machines through an interactive tutorial

System Composer

  • Architecture Views: Automatically or manually create customized views for specific design or analysis concerns enabling communication between multiple stakeholders.

Simscape Multibody

  • Reduced-Order Flexible Solid Block: Model deformation in bodies of diverse geometries
  • Contact Forces: Model contact between bodies forced together during simulation

Simscape Driveline

  • Source Code Access: View source code for Simscape Driveline blocks

Simulink Report Generator

  • Embedded Web View: Use the Report API (in addition to the DOM API) to generate embedded web views from Simulink models.

Code Generation and Verification

Embedded Coder

  • Generate object-oriented C++ Code for Software Compositions with Message-Based Communication.

Fixed-Point Designer

  • Lookup Table Optimization: Allow off-curve table values in optimized lookup tables.
  • Test bit patterns: Generate simulation inputs to test full operating bit range for your design.


  • Optimization Toolbox Code Generation: Generate code for nonlinear constrained optimization using fmincon.
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ Code Generation: Generate code for probability distribution functions and fixed-point code for prediction of an SVM model.

GPU Coder

  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks: Generate code for recurrent networks such as LSTM.

Vision HDL Toolbox

  • Multipixel Streaming: Process high-frame-rate or high-resolution video on FPGA.

HDL Verifier

  • Universal Verification Methodology support: Automatically generate UVM components from Simulink models for use in verification environments.
  • FPGA Data-Capture: Capture signals with greater flexibility using comparison operators in defining triggers.


AUTOSAR Blockset

  • AUTOSAR Architecture: Author compositions, simulate functional behavior with basic software services using Composition Editor (requires System Composer)

Automated Driving Toolbox

  • 3D Simulation: Develop, test, and verify driving algorithms in a 3D simulation environment rendered using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games

Powertrain Blockset

  • Deep Learning SI Engine Model: Generate a deep learning engine model for algorithm design and performance, fuel economy, and emissions analysis
  • HEV Reference Applications: New or updated reference applications for single-motor HEV architectures P0, P1, P2, P3 and P4. Fully assembled models use a new equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) for the supervisory hybrid control.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Navigation Toolbox

  • A new product for designing, simulating, and deploying algorithms for planning and navigation

ROS Toolbox

  • A new product for designing, simulating, and deploying ROS-based applications

Robotics System Toolbox

  • Gazebo Co-simulation: Perform time-synchronized simulation of Gazebo with Simulink
  • Collision Checking: Define collision shapes and detect collisions between mesh geometries

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • Track-level fuser: Perform track-to-track fusion and architect decentralized tracking systems
  • Gaussian mixture PHD tracker: Track point objects and extended objects with designated shapes

Verification and Validation

Simulink Test

  • Guided Back-to-Back Testing Wizard: Use guided workflow to set up back-to-back equivalence and baseline testing

Simulink Coverage

  • Requirements-to-Test-Case Traceability: View Requirements Toolbox links and coverage details for each Simulink block when generating coverage reports from Simulink Test Manager

Requirements Toolbox

  • Link Exchange with Third Party Tools:  Share links with third party tools through ReqIF
  • Traceability to DOORS 9 Baselines: Navigate from model to baseline requirements in IBM Rational DOORS 9

Simulink Check

  • Automated Clone Refactoring App: Detect subsystem or library pattern clones, refactor and check equivalency of refactored model

Polyspace Products

  • AUTOSAR C++14 Support: Check for misuse of lambda expressions, potential problems with enumerations, and other issues
  • Shared Variables Mode: Run a less extensive Code Prover analysis on complete application to compute global variable sharing and usage only
  • Simulink Support: Analyze generated code by using contextual buttons on the Simulink Editor toolstrip
  • Simulink Support: Verify custom code called from C Caller blocks and Stateflow charts in context of model