Spreadsheet Link for Microsoft Excel

Use MATLAB from Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Link™ connects Excel® spreadsheet software with the MATLAB® workspace, enabling you to access the MATLAB environment from an Excel spreadsheet. With Spreadsheet Link software, you can exchange data between MATLAB and Excel, taking advantage of the familiar Excel interface while accessing the computational speed and visualization capabilities of MATLAB.

Get Started:

Integrating Excel and MATLAB

Connect Excel and MATLAB using an add-in that handles interprocess communications between the two environments through ActiveX®.

Excel Spreadsheet Add-in

Interactively access MATLAB capabilities from the MATLAB group menu in Excel.

MATLAB Functions in Microsoft Excel

Execute built-in and custom functions in MATLAB directly from Excel or via Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros.

Exchanging Data Between Excel and MATLAB

Transfer data between Excel and MATLAB in both directions using the MATLAB group menu in Excel, VBA macros, or the Spreadsheet Link toolbar.

Computational Finance Suite

The MATLAB Computational Finance Suite is a set of 12 essential products that enables you to develop quantitative applications for risk management, investment management, econometrics, pricing and valuation, insurance, and algorithmic trading.

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