Hardware and software development


  • FPGA design
  • FPGA development kits
  • IP core development
  • Verification through simulation
  • Consulting courses and onsite assistance


AVT's electronic development division partners with customers to develop and produce custom-tailored hardware and software. AVT's development team, consisting of experienced development engineers, software engineers, CAD designers, layout specialists, and technicians, ensures customer-oriented development of electronic components and systems, from circuit design to production. Their in-house EMC measurement lab and highly qualified EMC specialists enable EMC measurements and EMC evaluations in each phase of development.

Even today, fast signal processing in real time, particularly image processing, presents hardware challenges that cannot be overcome with the available computing technology. Implementation of special hardware (FPGAs) is required for this. AVT develops high-performance algorithms for control devices and for intelligent cameras using Xilinx® FPGAs. For programming of FPGAs, higher programming languages are used for hardware description such as line-oriented programming (VHDL® and Simulink®).

A great advantage of the design flow with MATLAB® and Simulink is the ability to perform bit- and cycle-accurate simulations of the functionality before detailed synthesis and implementation. This approach enables users to make accurate statements about the function of the hardware, even if it is nonexistent or will be built in future. AVT uses MATLAB and Simulink in connection with Xilinx ISE® and System Generator to program complex FPGA functions, mainly 2D and 3D image processing and signal processing. The most complex FPGA program—completely made in MATLAB and Simulink—is the JPEG-compression/decompression IP core.

AVT offers training courses and consulting based on MATLAB and Simulink. The 'Introduction to FPGA Technology' course uses MATLAB and the Simulink graphical programming environment and includes many application examples.


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