SgurrControlBox - Wind and Tidal Turbine Control Design Toolbox

Model, design, and test wind and tidal turbine control systems


  • Wind turbine models
  • Load calculations and aero-elastic codes results postprocessing analysis
  • Simplified turbine control design and performance evaluation
  • Simulink ® cosimulation with aero-elastic codes
  • Commercial, academic, and educational licenses


The SgurrControlBox is designed to assist engineers with all tasks related to wind turbine control design, controller performance evaluation, and load calculations. Used for controller design and evaluation tasks, the toolbox contains algorithms to calculate all relevant performance measures of wind and tidal turbine controllers. Engineers can quickly and efficiently analyze and design controllers to gain useful insights into which measures SgurrControl considers critical for evaluating control performance.

The SgurrControlBox includes configurable wind turbine models, tools for analyzing models and simulation data, sample controller models, and an interface for cosimulation of controller designs in Simulink. In addition to commercial and academic licenses, an education version of the SgurrControlBox is now available. It is purpose-built for university-level instruction on control and is supplied with SUPERGEN/INDUSTRY STANDARD 2MW and 5MW wind turbine models, training tutorials, and an instruction manual. Furthermore, two add-ons are available: the Automatic Report Generator to create load calculation reports automatically, and the Graphical Interface to FAST.

The SgurrControlBox is fully integrated into MATLAB® and Simulink and is delivered with a self-contained installation. The user interacts with it through an upfront graphical interface, under which lies the MATLAB files and a library of Simulink models, controllers, and blocks for cosimulation.


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  • Macintosh
  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems
  • Wind and Tidal Turbines


  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Utilities and Energy