A tool for objectively measuring vehicle driveability


  • Industry-standard tool for measuring driveability
  • Reduced number of vehicle prototypes required
  • Brand characterization
  • Common language for development engineers


The AVL-DRIVE system is designed for objective analysis and quality control of passenger car characteristics based on the driver's experience. The system uses various sensors to capture the most significant data and vehicle parameters, such as longitudinal acceleration, engine speed, velocity, pedal position, and vibrations. The hardware system collects these input quantities and passes them on to a PC running the DRIVE software for analysis. Via real-time analysis DRIVE delivers objective ratings for driveability events including a quality ranking of vehicle character.

Automotive OEMs and suppliers use DRIVE across a wide range of applications. Early in the development process, engineers use DRIVE for powertrain calibration in simulation mode, on the engine or vehicle test bed or on the road. Later in the development process, engineers and managers use DRIVE for final quality checks and buy-off rides.

The specialized DRIVE-MATLAB interface (DOMI) allows direct coupling of DRIVE with MATLAB. The interface allows for easy offline and online data analysis of DRIVE data from within MATLAB. Additionally the MATLAB Compiler can be used within DOMI to pack the user defined MATLAB code functions into DLLs. The optional DOMI (DRIVE Open MATLAB Interface) interface is available in all versions of AVL-DRIVE.


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