Framework for integrating multiple models developed using Simulink


  • Develop complete simulations quickly
  • Develop and integrate custom models of physical devices, cognitive processes, and the environment
  • Execute joint scenarios with land, air, sea, and space systems
  • Integrate multiple models developed using Simulink
  • Execute joint scenarios with land, air, sea, and space systems
  • Create applications for analysis, testing, training, wargaming, and hardware-in-the-loop


The Flexible Analysis Modeling and Exercise System (FLAMES®) is a framework for developing simulations and interfaces between constructive, virtual, and live simulations. FLAMES minimizes the amount of software development needed to get a full-featured, working simulation. At the same time, FLAMES' open, object-oriented architecture gives users the flexibility to modify or enhance the simulation as necessary to meet their specific requirements.

FLAMES' flexible modeling framework enables users to integrate models from other simulations, including model code for Simulink® models generated using Simulink Coder™, and use them in concert with other FLAMES-compatible models. Once the models are integrated into FLAMES, users can work with them in complex, many-on-many scenarios involving many other types of systems.

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