Automatic comparison of test and reference signals in MATLAB and Simulink


  • Automatic comparison of two signal waveforms in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Automation of regression and back-to-back test evaluations of models
  • Innovative two-stage algorithm with preprocessing and comparison component
  • Separated analysis of deviations in time and amplitudes
  • Innovative preprocessing method: difference matrix
  • Visualization of the comparison results in a test report


MEval supports regression and back-to-back test evaluation by automatically comparing test signals with their corresponding reference signals. The reliability of the comparison is supported by an innovative two-stage algorithm which is implemented in MEval. The actual component which compares the signal waveforms in amplitudes is preceded by a preprocessing component. The preprocessing component looks for the best adaptation of the test signal to the reference signal by means of methods such as filtering, partitioning, or shifting of signal values in time. The difference matrix algorithm, an innovative preprocessing method, is implemented in MEval and analyzes local and global time shiftings in a more reliable manner than the conventional comparison methods. The comparison results are displayed in a visual as well as a textual way. Therefore, the tester obtains detailed and easy-to-understand information about the test signal's similarity to the reference signal. MEval's functions are supported by an interface through which users can easily select signal files, signals, methods, and other parameters needed for an automatic evaluation in interactive or batch mode operation.

The typical end users of MEval are developers and testers using Simulink and Stateflow, who want to compare signal waveforms within MATLAB and Simulink. MEval receives the output signals generated during testing and compares them with the reference signals defined by the user. The reference signals can come from an earlier version of the same model (regression testing) or the implementation of model as program code or ECU (back-to-back testing). Please contact IT Power Consultants for a free evaluation version of MEval.

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