Model 488-USB

USB to GPIB controller


  • Converts any PC with a USB bus into a GPIB controller
  • Provides full IEEE-488.2 compatibility
  • Provides NI compatible command library that runs all major application programs
  • Includes ICS's interactive GPIBkybd program
  • Installs easily with Windows Plug & Play functionality
  • Downloads firmware over USB bus


The 488-USB is a small USB-to-GPIB controller that converts any PC with a USB port into a full IEEE-488.4 compatible GPIB controller. The 488-USB is a Plug & Play USB peripheral device that is fully compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP systems. The 488-USB includes ICS's 488.2 driver which supports the National Instruments 'ib' and 488.2 command sets as well as ICS's 488-PC2 command set. Application programs written with either command set will run on the 488-USB GPIB controller.

MATLAB users can communicate with Model 488-USB using The MathWorks Instrument Control Toolbox and ICS's 488.2 driver that is included with Model 488-USB. This allows you to control and talk with electronic and scientific instrumentation directly from MATLAB.

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