Complete development environment for embedded systems


  • Targeting of independent models
  • Generation of application tool files (e.g., ASAP)
  • Improved use of bitwords and structures
  • Integration with existing code/operating systems
  • Scoping of signals and parameters
  • Generation of HTML documentation


@Source from Podium Technology provides a complete embedded development environment from within MATLAB and Simulink. The @Source toolbox enables the Simulink model of an embedded system to be a complete and target-independent specification. This is achieved through dialogs to enter all the properties for a signal or parameter (name, description, units, scaling, data type, limits, scope, menu position, etc), which are saved with the model. Other blocks are provided to interface to existing code and operating systems. Properties are then used to generate fully featured application tool files (e.g., ASAP) and HTML documentation. @Source is readily configured to any embedded target, providing a fast route to generating code to your embedded system.

MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Coder, and the Embedded Coder are used by @Source to configure new Simulink Coder targets through TLC library functions. @Source can also be used with Fixed-Point Designer and Stateflow. With MATLAB Report Generator, the information contained in the model can be used to automatically generate reports, data dictionaries, and strategy I/O tables, and to enforce naming convention and other modeling guidelines. And, by using @Source as a basis, Simulink Coder targets can be produced to integrate with almost any hardware, operating system or real-time executive as a complete system or produce modules to integrate with legacy code.

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  • Embedded Software - Tools, IDE, RTOS


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