UTRA FDD Blockset

Simulink blockset for 3GPP standard UMTS transmitter modeling


  • Compliant with UTRA FDD-mode specifications from 3GPP
  • Compatible with MathWorks DSP Blockset and Communications System Toolbox
  • Accessibility to fine detail via hierarchical block structure
  • Support for rate-matching
  • Flexible input and output mechanisms to support various data formats


The UTRA FDD Blockset is a library of Simulink blocks that can be combined to create models of the UTRA W-CDMA physical layer. The blocks are bit-exact representations of the individual signal processing tasks defined in UTRA FDD-mode specifications from the 3GPP. Using this blockset, you can rapidly construct a wide variety of transmitter reference models, leaving you free to concentrate on developing your proprietary receivers. Because the models have already been verified, they provide an independent reference against which proprietary designs may be tested. You can access detailed information through the low-level blocks, which map directly onto the interfaces defined within the 3GPP specifications. Alternatively, if you are only interested in the transmitter output, you can use the high-level blocks combined with the low-level blocks to form complete physical channels.

The UTRA FDD Blockset is used by suppliers of UMTS core technology, such as IP-cores and chip-sets, and product designers and network operators who wish to understand physical layer behavior. Built entirely within Simulink, this blockset makes it easy to add UTRA compliant capabilities to a simulation environment.

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