FMI Toolbox

Command line interface and blockset for integrating FMI-compliant model units into MATLAB and Simulink


  • Model exchange with more than 60 different software tools
  • Import and simulation of FMUs in Simulink
  • Export of Simulink models as FMUs
  • Import and simulation of FMUs in MATLAB scripts
  • Support for co-simulation and model-exchange FMUs
  • FMI open standard version 1.0 and 2.0 fully supported


Simulink model containing an FMU and a simple control system developed using Simulink blocks

FMI Toolbox enables integration and exchange of models developed in a variety of modeling tools into the MATLAB® and Simulink® environments using the open standard functional mock-up interface (FMI) format.

FMI Toolbox offers user functions to load and access FMUs from command line and scripts, as well as a blockset for using FMUs in Simulink, and the capability to export Simulink models as FMUs. FMI Toolbox enables the use of MATLAB and Simulink as integration platforms in heterogeneous engineering tool environments. The toolbox is used for batch simulation processing, design of experiments, control design, as well as validation and verification analysis. The FMI Toolbox offers an intuitive workflow to combine physical models on a system level in an efficient manner. 

FMI was pioneered by OEMs in the automotive industry, and is now an established technology in all systems industries. The FMI technology is supported by a large number of open source and commercial software tools for systems engineering. See for more information.

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