Virtual and rapid prototyping of traditional and AUTOSAR software components


  • Integrate handwritten and Simulink Coder generated code in a closed- or open-loop prototype for virtual testing and validation
  • Analyze the timing characteristic of your Simulink model subsystems or C code using the integrated RTOS for the PC
  • Validate AUTOSAR software components using the built-in AUTOSAR RTE generator for the PC
  • Perform Simulink model calibration on the PC using ETAS’ INCA calibration tool
  • Cosimulate Simulink models with a variety of third-party products on the PC
  • Run Simulink models and C code on ETAS’ high-performance hardware for real-time bypass prototyping with existing ECUs


INTECRIO® is a software tool designed to integrate models of various physical and electronic systems (using modeling tools such as Simulink®) into a single executable. This executable can run on a Windows desktop PC or in a real-time rapid-prototyping environment.

INTECRIO enables you to combine models and code from different sources—such as handwritten code and code generated by Simulink Coder® and Embedded Coder™—into a single prototype. INTECRIO can also integrate code generated by multiple models or different versions of the same code generation tool. An integrated OSEK-compliant real-time operating system (RTOS) from ETAS, which emulates the run-time behavior of the target ECU on the PC, is included. This allows scheduling and timing analysis of Simulink models on the PC. Further, for customers moving toward AUTOSAR compliance, INTECRIO offers a simple way to validate AUTOSAR software components together with non-AUTOSAR software components on the desktop PC. An AUTOSAR run-time environment (RTE) generator is included for this purpose. Your AUTOSAR software components can be generated by Simulink using Embedded Coder, by other code generation tools, or by hand. Finally, ETAS’ INCA tool makes it easy to perform desktop calibration of Simulink models and code.

INTECRIO accelerates the setup of powerful model-in-the-loop (MIL) or software-in-the-loop (SIL) environments for rapid and low-cost testing, validation, and calibration of control algorithms on the PC.

Combined with ETAS rapid prototyping hardware (e.g., ES910 and ES1000), INTECRIO lets you conduct real-time bypass experiments with your existing ECU using the CAN bus or ETAS’ high-speed memory emulator probe (ETK) mounted on the ECU. ETAS’ INCA tool can be used to calibrate all model parameters and synchronize all measurements from the bypass model as well as the ECU.

Examples of customer applications:

  • Diesel and gasoline engine control systems
  • Fuel cell and hybrid electric control systems
  • Chassis control systems, such as ABS and ESP
  • Transmission and driveline control systems
  • Automotive body electronics systems and safety systems
  • X-by-wire applications


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