DT8837 Ethernet Instrument Module

Multichannel module for sound and vibration measurements


  • ISO-Channel™ provides ±500V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel
  • Four simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels for high-resolution measurements
  • Four IEPE inputs for direct sensor connection
  • 4mA current source with 24V compliance voltage
  • Ability to sample ADCs, tachometer, counter, and DAC feedback channels simultaneously
  • Ability to stack up to 16 modules for parallel operation of 64 channels


The DT8837 is a highly accurate multichannel module for sound and vibration measurements. All the I/O channels are isolated from each other and from the computer, allowing noise-free data to be sampled in tough industrial environments. Four 24-bit IEPE (ICP®) sensor inputs, a 24-bit D/A stimulus output, and a 32-bit tachometer channel are synchronized to provide data streams that are matched in time. The DT8837 offers a readback analog output channel in the analog input data stream and provides measurement modes for precisely correlating the tachometer input with the A/D sensor measurements.

The TCP/IP Ethernet operation allows measurements to be monitored locally or at other remote sites. Up to 16 instrument modules may be stacked for parallel operation of 64 accelerometer or voltage inputs. These modules are synchronized via the Wired Trigger Bus and can be externally triggered in various ways.

Using MATLAB® and Instrument Control Toolbox™, users can directly access the functions of Data Translation's DT8837 Ethernet instrument module from MATLAB. Instrument Control Toolbox communicates with DT measurement instruments through a MATLAB instrument driver , which utilizes an underlying DT8837 IVI-COM driver. The instrument driver is included at no charge along with the Data Translation hardware.

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