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Make the vector [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]
In MATLAB, you create a vector by enclosing the elements in square brackets like so: x = [1 2 3 4] Commas are optional, s...

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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

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Verification of Sampling Theorem
Aim: To verify Sampling theorem for a signal of given frequency -To look at conditions of oversampling and undersampling

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Generation and plotting of all basic signals
The following code generates basic signals such as: 1. Unit Impulse 2. Unit Step 3. Unit Ramp 4. Exponential Growth 5. Cosine

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Code to generate a sine wave
This code generates a sine wave according to the input frequency

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