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School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, The University of Newcastle

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layerGraph in a 3D Convolution Network
Hi Esra, The output argument of ResNET-18 3d function is a layergraph itself. so you do not need to use layerGraph function. Us...

bijna 2 jaar ago | 0

| accepted

TrainNetwork bug for 3D CNN
As it seems, "crossChannelNormalizationLayer" does not work in 3D workflow in MATLAB 2019b. You may train your model with "MiniB...

ongeveer 3 jaar ago | 0

training alexnet from scratch (i.e. reset weight)
Well, I got what you have asked.Simply, go to Deep Network Designer and click on Export. You can export it with or without pre-t...

ongeveer 3 jaar ago | 1

training alexnet from scratch (i.e. reset weight)
I used this sample code on "lgraph". tmp_net = lgraph.saveobj; for i=1:length(lgraph.Layers) if isa(lgraph.Layers(i,1...

meer dan 3 jaar ago | 0