Boom Lift Crawler Chassis with Ideal Actuation (Test Harness)

This example models the chassis portion of a boom lift with ideal actuation. It includes the outriggers and tracks. The model is used to identify requirements for the boom actuators.

This model is a test harness from the main model (see documentation).



Open Model

Component Under Test

The component under test is the entire chassis mechanism including the outriggers and tracks. All linkages are modeled as well as ground contact for the outriggers and the tracks.

Four outriggers extend and contract independently to keep the boom level on uneven ground. They can also be rotated into different positions about the vertical axis of the boom.

The separation of the tracks is set by the extension of the hydraulic cylinders.

Simulation Results: Chassis Sequence

The plot below shows a test sequence designed to actuate the outriggers and tracks. Motions of all joints are specified so that this sequence can be used on a full model of the boom lift that uses prescribed motion for any combination of the actuators.

Motion of the outrigger actuators along with applied actuator force.

Motion of the track extender actuators along with applied actuator force.