Boom Turret with Hydraulic Actuation (Test Harness)

This example models the hydraulic actuator for the turret of a boom lift. A worm drive boosts the torque provided by the rotational actuator so that it can rotate the entire boom into position.

This model is a test harness from the main model (see documentation)



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Component Under Test

The component under test is a hydraulic actuation system to rotate the turret of a boom lift. A slew drive with self-locking worm and gear turns to swivel the boom on the chassis. A relief valve on each side bleeds pressure to tank. The pressure relief valves allow the slew drive to spool down after the 4-way valve closes to avoid pressure spikes.

Simulation Results: Turret Sequence

The plots below shows the result of a test sequence designed to actuate only the rotational actuator for the turret. The test sequence includes signals for all valves so that the test sequence can also be run on the full model.

Below is the corresponding prescribed motion for the test. This allows testing on a full model that has motion for any combination of the actuators.

Motion of the turret along with applied actuator force.

Hydraulic pressures in the actuators along with actuator position.