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Kevin Chng

Interested Area:
- Data Analytic
- Machine Learning
- Deep Learning
- Financial Application
- Graphic and Apps
- Cloud Interaction

442 downloads (30 days)
22 submissions
18 Jun 2019 last submission

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Techsource Technical Team

We're here to show that programming low-cost hardware with Simulink can be fun! We understand that picking up the Simulink low-cost hardware Support Packages can be a challenge for first-timers.

Our projects range from easy-medium-difficult level and aim to remove the early roadblocks that come with trying something new. They contain full model files, component libraries and step by step documentation with pictures.

At this early stage we will be focusing on Simulink Support Package for Arduino.

We're located in South-East Asia: In Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

170 downloads (30 days)
25 submissions
14 Jul 2016 last submission

30 ratings


Professional Interests: Control Systems, Physical Modeling, Robotics

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12 submissions
07 Jul 2015 last submission

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