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Use Mac OS X XML Plists with MATLAB

version (7.41 KB) by John Iversen
Utilities to convert Mac OS X native storage format (XML Property Lists) for use in MATLAB.


Updated 22 Jul 2005

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These utilities enable the conversion of data written by programs on Mac OS X for use in MATLAB (and vice versa).

Anyone wanting to share data with programs written for Mac OS X can use these utilities to convert the native OS X storage format (XML Property List) to structures. XML Property Lists are the preferred textual representation of property list dictionaries.

These utilities convert from XML property list to a matlab structure and back, and include m-files for loading and saving XML property lists from matlab.



Info on OS X Property Lists:


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Yi Sui

To make it better, you can use genvarname() to make sure the field names are valid. e.g if the key name is sth like a-b, genvarname() will return a valid matlab variable name a_b.

Brian Emery


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