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Temperature - Entropy Diagram for Stirling Cycle

version 1.0.0 (1.37 KB) by Matt Bowring
Generates the s and T vectors along the respective x and y axes. This allows for easy plotting of the T-s diagram via plot(s,T).


Updated 16 Nov 2019

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This Stirling cycle is classified by 4 idealized thermodynamic processes. First the gas undergoes isothermal compression, and then is heated at a constant volume. Next, the gas is allowed to expand at a constant temperature, and is then cooled at a constant volume. This cycle repeats and work is continually extracted from the expansion of the gas.

This function outputs a T vector, and an s vector, where each corresponds to its respective axis. This allows the diagram to easily be plotted using plot(s,T).

The input parameters are TL, TH, vmin, vmax, and s1. TL and TH correspond to the low and high temperatures of the cycle while vmin and vmax represent the minimum and maximum specific volumes defined by the geometry of the internal cylinder. A reference entropy value is defined by s1, which represents the specific entropy of the air prior to undergoing isothermal compression.

All input parameters are taken in SI units:

TL [K]
TH [K]
vmin [m^3]
vmax [m^3]
s1 [kJ/kgK]

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