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Power Factor Correction with Capacitor Bank Tool

version 1.0.3 (63.7 KB) by Charles Kennedy
Given averages of real power and reactive power, size of capacitor bank, see the change in phase angle, power factor, Appr. Power.


Updated 16 Nov 2019

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Run the .m file to use the GUI (or drag the .m file into the command window)

Average Peak Real Power(P)
Average Peak Reactive Power(Q)
Proposed Capacitor Bank (kVAr)
*Estimated Monthly Penalty ($)

Phase Angle: ɵ = arctan(Q/P)
Power Factor: pf = cos(ɵ)
Apparent Power: S = P / pf
*Yearly Savings: Monthly Penalty x 12

*(assumes you're designing to compensate for a reactive demand charge and that you will chose a value for you capacitor bank that will fully compensate the reactive demand)

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Charles Kennedy (2019). Power Factor Correction with Capacitor Bank Tool (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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