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Matlab is a well suited tool for modeling the physical world and using it can be beneficial to students studying physics and engineering.

Updated 05 Mar 2019


Matlab Basics

XY Plots

Advanced XY plotting techniques

Creating a simple GUI with input boxes: SHM and the Sine Function

Creating and Saving Sounds: BEATS

Curve Fitting: Least squares fit to a straight line for linear, power and exponential relationships

Curve Fitting: Weighted least squares fit for uncertainties in the y-data

Solving Quadratic Equations: GUI and Function call

Stationary Points of a function: Function to find the points of maximima and minima of a curve

VECTOR ANALYSIS: coordinates, vector algebra, dot product, cross product, [3D] rotation of axes

DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS: 1st and 2nd derivatives; gradient; divergence; curl; Laplacian

INTEGRATION: Numerical computation of one-dimensional integrals

INTEGRATION: Estimate the value of the integral of the function y = f(x) between x = a and y = b

INTEGRATION: Numerical computation of two-dimensional integrals - double or surface integrals

SINC FUNCTION: Characteristics of the unnormalized sinc function

BESSEL FUNCTION OF THE FIRST KIND: Fraunhofer Diffraction from a circular aperture

SOLIDS OF REVOLUTION: [2D] and [3D] plots and an animation

Finite Difference Time Development Method: [1D] Scalar Wave Equation

PERCOLATION THEORY: A Matlab simulation of site percolation

Horizontal Motion with Resistance: drag and viscous drag force

Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Vertical Motion with Resistance: drag and viscous drag force, falling, drag coefficient

Animation of a vibrating spring: time variation of KE and PE

Animation of the Slingshot Effect

Physics of bungee jumps and bridge swings

Animation of the free fall vertical motion of an object: trajectory, displacement, velocity and acceleration time graphs

Satellite Motion GUI used for inputs. Finite difference method used to calculate a detailed description of the satellite motion

Thermal Conduction: Temperature gradient and energy flux calculations through a composite rod

Blackbody Radiation

Second Law of Thermodynamics - arrow of time: animation for the motion of gas molecules released from a corner of a room

Newton's Law of Cooling: CSI Murder - time of death / Coffee cooling problem / First Order Differential Equations

HOME PAGE: Computational OPTICS and propagation of electromagnetic waves

Electric field and electric potential due to various charge distributions

Electric field and electric potential: Line Integral of the electric field

Electric field and electric potential: Method of Images

Electric field and electric potential: Gauss's Law and Electric Flux

Electrostatics: Diververgence / Curl / Radial electric Fields

Numerical solution of [2D] Poisson's and Laplace's equations: introduction and examples

Numerical solution of [2D] Laplace's equation: Two concentric conductive squares

Numerical solution of [2D] Poisson's and Laplace's equations: Examples using Dirchlet and Neumann boundary conditions

Animation: Electromagnetic Induction - induced current as magnet moves through a coil

Animation: DC Motor - Armature current, torque and rotation

Motion of charged particles through magnetic and electric fields: Numerical and graphical analysis

Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Law / Mutual Inductance / Self Inductance

Static Magnetic Fields: Divergence / Curl / Biot-Savart Law

ANIMATIONS: GIF and AVI FILES: POLARIZED LIGHT: Linear, Circular, Elliptical John Sims Biomedical Engineering Department, Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil

Creating a simple GUI with input boxes: SHM and the Sine Function

Physics of bungee jumps and bridge swings

Forced vibration of a string: RESONANCE - animations of a vibrating string due a vibrator

ANIMATIONS: GIF and AVI FILES: [1D] Travelling Harmonic Transverse Wave John Sims Biomedical Engineering Department, Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil

WAVE MOTION ANIMATED GIFS: Travelling, Transverse, Longitudinal Waves

BEATS: Superposition of two sinusoidal waves of slightly different frequencies: Creating and saving sounds

DOPPLER EFFECT: [2D] simulation for a moving source with sound effects and creation of animated gifs

Travelling waves along a string: Solving the wave equation for the transmission of energy along a string

Refraction: Animations of a plane wave incident upon an interface separating two different medium

Normal modes for air columns of varying cross-sectional area - musical instruments

Animated solutions of the [1D] Scalar Wave Equation using the Finite Difference Time Develo

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